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Ou​nak "​Is another initiative to engage customers and collect their valuable feedback and service perceptions,

hrough centralized systems for suggestions and complaints, and is usable by external customers, and internal employees as well to be able to generate Ideas for enhancements from fro​ntline employees that are directly in touch with our customers.

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​ Suggestion and feedback comments as a vital source for service enhancements and improvements
W launched “Shoorak” initiative that is at the core based on engaging customers through electronic feedback surveys, that were deployed on smart tablets in customer service centers and accessible directly online, additionally we engaged in face to face encounters, and conducted focus group sessions to generate innovative ideas from customers.​
Minors Services - Customer Survey​

​Property Management - Customer Survey​


Opening meetings with traders to get to the creative ideas in providing the service​

Fixed platform for tablet devices in waiting rooms to participate in the survey​

Participation of the learners in the design of services

To participate in a questionnaire for services rendered through all communication channels

Raffles and prizes to the value of the devices for the participants in the questionnaire

Happiness Meter